Save on Cash Back Sites

With the cash back site you can save on shopping. This certainly will save you expenses up to hundreds of dollars. It is suitable for parents who like to save money.

1. Ebates

Ebates is probably the most well-known of any of the cash back sites. They even have television commercials, which I haven’t seen for any of their competition. Their emphasis is on customer service as one of the best features as well as offering some of highest cash back rates around. Their rates are almost always competitive and sometimes much better, but it’s always worth comparing with one or two other cash back or rewards site to be sure. A low cash out threshold and $10 gift card sign-up bonus make it worth joining and trying.

Where Available: USA, CAN, CHN, KOR, RUS.

Number of Merchants: More than 1800.

Cash-Out Threshold: $5 which is sent quarterly or rolls over until threshold is met.

Payment Methods: Check or PayPal. You can also send payment to a friend of your choice.

Mobile App Available: Yes.

Sign-up : Here and Here

2. Ibotta

Ibotta is probably the most robust and diverse of the cash back apps. They have the most cash back product ability of all of the apps included here and members have saved over 27 million dollars. In addition to getting cash back for grocery shopping, Ibotta offers cash back on apparel, electronics, wine and spirits, restaurants, home and office, travel, and entertainment. Most of the cash back opportunities are for in-store purchases, but there are some that can be redeemed online.

In addition, Ibotta offers small rebates for staples such as bread, milk, and fresh fruit and veggies. Most items have to be purchased at approved stores, but their list is vast and the names are easily recognizable. Ibotta also offers incentives like bonus cash for redeeming a certain amount of rebates per month. Some offers can be redeemed multiple times. Ibotta also created team spirit cash back earning opportunities by encouraging members to join through Facebook, or create a team with referrals. The more everyone in the group earns, the more cash back bonuses each member gets. If you like mobile cash back apps, Ibotta is definitely one to have in your arsenal.

Where Available: USA.

Number of Products: More than 100.

Cash-Out Threshold: $10.

Payment Methods: PayPal, Venmo, or gift card (Amazon, Starbucks, Best Buy).

Sign-up : Here and Here

3. Giving Assistant

Giving Assistant refers to itself as the “double cash back” site because it passes along 100% of the commission to its customers. That is, there is no splitting like with the other sites. What’s unique about this site, however, is its focus on giving. For every purchase that qualifies for cash back, Giving Assistant donates a meal to a family in need. They have donated more than 250,000 meals so far.

In addition, users can elect to donate part or all of their cash back savings to one or more of the thousands of charities available to choose from on their site. I did some rate comparisons and found that Giving Assistant did often offer significantly higher (up to double) cash back rates than other sites. Their rates matched the best of those at TopCashBack, a site outlined below which also passes along its full commission. Plus they offer a referral program, a $5 sign up bonus, and a low cash out threshold which makes this program appealing.

Where Available: USA as well as other countries, although they are not specified.

Number of Merchants: More than 1,000.

Cash-Out Threshold: $5, paid weekly.

Payment Methods: U.S.- based Bank Visa/Mastercard Debit card or check, PayPal

Mobile App Available: No.

Sign-up : Here and Here


4. SavingStar

SavingStar is a hybrid site that offers both traditional cash back shopping like Ebates, and grocery shopping mobile app cash back like Ibotta. The traditional cash back shopping works exactly like the other programs with users clicking through to a retailer to make a purchase and receive a percentage of SavingStar’s commission. The rebate rates are competitive and worth comparing to other sites. In some cases the rate may be better.

Where Available: USA.

Number of Traditional Cash back stores: More than 500.

Number of Mobile Cash Back Offers: Varies but between 32 and 50.

Cash-Out Threshold: $5.

Payment Methods: Bank transfer, PayPal, or donate to charity.

Mobile App: Yes.

Sign-up : Here and Here

5. Dollar Dig

Dollar Dig is a newer cash back site, having launched sometime in 2013. They have thousands of stores to shop through for cash back, coupons, and featured deals. Their cash out threshold is on the high side with members needing to reach $25 before being allowed to claim it. Their cash back rates are competitive, with some good deals thrown in now and again.

Where Available: USA, CAN, and numerous other countries.

Number of Merchants: More than 3200.

Cash-Out Threshold: $25.01 which can be requested immediately and is paid monthly, usually on the first of the month.

Payment Methods: Check (U.S. and Canada only) and PayPal.

Mobile App Available: No.

Sign-up : Here and Here


6. Coupon Cactus

Coupon Cactus has a mascot named Cody, and as the name suggests, the site provides coupon codes (U.S. and international) as well as cash back offers. You can explore their offers by category, popularity, free shipping, clearance, and more. They have thousands of online merchants to choose from and an easy sign-up bonus.

Where Available: USA-based, but it looks like people from any country can join as long as businesses delivers there and users are able to cash a U.S. check or receive PayPal payments.

Number of Merchants: Almost 4000.

Cash-Out Threshold: $10 which is paid quarterly or rolls over until members reach $10.

Payment Methods: Check or PayPal.

Mobile App Available: No.

Sign-up : Here and Here


7. BeFrugal

BeFrugal started out as a coupon only site back in 2009 and expanded into cash back territory in 2011. In addition to offering cash back, coupons, freebies, and sweepstakes, they are one of the few sites to offer a “Coupon Guarantee” and “Guaranteed Savings.” They guarantee that a coupon on their site will work or you’ll receive a $5 bonus. In addition, they guarantee to have the best cash back rate or they’ll match the rate at 125%. That’s cool, but their cash out threshold is on the high side at $25. Still, if you’re going to make a large online purchase it could be worth a go as they offer $5 sign-up bonus.

Where Available: USA and UK.

Number of Merchants: More than 4000.

Payment Methods: Check, PayPal, or gift card. Users outside of the U.S. will be paid via PayPal.

Mobile App Available: Yes.

Sign-up : Here and Here


8. MyPoints

MyPoints has been in business for almost 20 years. Members earn points, which can be exchanged for gift cards or cash. These points are earned by making purchases through the MyPoints cash back portal, or participating in one of their other activities — surveys, games, searching the internet, reading email, watching videos, and printing and using coupons.

Where Available: USA and CAN.

Number of Merchants: More than 1900.

Cash-Out Threshold: $10 gift card or $25 PayPal.

Payment Methods: Gift card or PayPal when enough points have been accrued.

Mobile App Available: Yes.

Sign-up : Here and Here


9. Panda Cash Back

This Better Business Bureau A+ rated cash back program is another one that allows people from dozens of countries to join and save money. Panda Cash Back offers double cash back deals and local daily deals. Their cash out threshold is a tad on the high side, but your money is automatically sent 24 hours after it is requested. It has a $5 sign-up bonus.

Where Available: USA and more than 100 other countries.

Number of Merchants: More than 3000.

Cash-Out Threshold: $15, which once attained will be sent out automatically the next day.

Payment Methods: PayPal. Note that the first payment for U.S. and Canadian residents will be via check. Anyone residing outside of these two countries will be contacted by Panda Cash Back asking for information to verify identity.

Mobile App Available: No.

Sign-up : Here and Here


10. Mr Rebates

Mr. Rebates is an established cash back site that has been in business for more than a dozen years. They offer cash back rates up to 30%, and deals such as free shipping. With a reasonable cash out threshold, a sign-up bonus that is available after your first purchase, the ability to request payment immediately, and an enticing referral program, it’s worth an add to your list of sites to try.

Where Available: USA, CAN.

Number of Merchants: More than 2000.

Cash-Out Threshold: $10 which can be requested immediately.

Payment Methods: Check or PayPal.

Mobile App Available: No app, but they have a mobile site.

Sign-up : Here and Here


11. CashCrate

CashCrate launched in 2006 and has paid out close to four million dollars to its members who earn cash by completing offers (many free), taking surveys, completing CrowdFlower tasks, watching videos, and shopping through their cash back store. Their shopping (cash back) section is newish and small right now with only 62 stores like Walmart, Macy’s, and Lowe’s. However, their rebate rate is competitive with other cash back programs.

One unique aspect of Cash Crate’s earning program is that members can earn two ways. One section is devoted to earning cash, and the other to earning gift cards (think Starbucks, Amazon, Visa, and more). Just decide what you’re interested in earning and complete the tasks in that section.

Where Available: All countries are eligible although the U.S. and other English speaking countries will have the greatest number of offers.

Number of Merchants: 62 and growing.

Cash-Out Threshold: $20 in the cash earning section, which is redeemable immediately. Gift cards can be redeemed immediately upon earning enough points in the prizes section of the site.

Payment Methods: Check. PayPal is an option once members have lifetime earnings of $500.

Mobile App Available: Yes.

Sign-up : Here and Here


12. Cashback House

Cashback House has a simple and straightforward looking site. It doesn’t have the bells, whistles, and flash of many cash back sites, but it offers the basics like rebates for purchases, handpicked deals, and coupons. At $10.01 their cash back threshold isn’t outrageously high and you can earn a little extra by sharing how much you’ve saved on Facebook.

Where Available: USA, CAN, UK.

Number of Merchants: More than 1000.

Cash-Out Threshold: $10.01 which is processed weekly once a request has been made.

Payment Methods: Check or PayPal.

Mobile App Available: No.

Sign-up : Here and Here


13. ExtraBux

Similar to the other cash back sites, Extrabux is one of several sites that is available to people worldwide. Offering cash back ranging from 1-30%, Extrabux also offers coupon codes, promo codes, and comparison shopping. They have an attractive sign-up bonus and reasonable cash out threshold.

Where Available: Everywhere. Extrabux states that people from any country can join and earn cash back. Checks will only be mailed to those with a U.S. mailing address. However, people living outside of the U.S. can receive their cash back via PayPal.

Number of Merchants: 2500.

Cash-Out Threshold: $10 which can be requested immediately.

Payment Methods: Check or PayPal.

Mobile App Available: Yes, specifically for Black Friday.

Sign-up : Here and Here


14. Gyft

Gyft is different from the other traditional cash back sites because their sole focus is selling gift cards. Most cash back sites do not allow, or strictly limit, the eligibility of cash rebates when purchasing gift cards or using them to pay for products. At Gyft, when you purchase gift cards, you earn points which can then be used for discounts on future gift card purchases.

Better yet, for a limited time they’ll give you a $5 gift card of your choice (in the form of a promotional code) to be used towards a gift card purchase of at least $15, on the spot just for signing up. In other words, you can get a $15 Amazon gift card (or Starbucks, Target, Walmart, Home Depot, whichever of the more than 200 you choose) for $10 just for trying them out. You can even store your gift card in your mobile wallet so you have it on the go and never forget it. Even if you never buy a gift card through them again, the immediate bonus is sweet. (Note that your free gift card bonus expires 24 hours after you sign up so use it right away.)

Where Available: USA.

Number of Merchants: More 200.

Cash-Out Threshold: 100 points — to be used as a discount on future gift card purchases.

Payment Methods: You can pay for your gift cards with Google Pay, PayPal, Bitcoins, or credit/debit card.

Mobile App Available: Yes.

Sign-up : Here and Here


15. Paribus

Paribus is a new endeavor unlike the other cash back sites listed here. It’s a price adjustment cash back program, not a rebate program. Basically, they will search for a better price on any product that you have purchased online and get the difference back for you. Their business is hunting price reductions for you, filing a claim on your behalf and getting you a refund for the difference.

Paribus works with stores like Target, Walmart, Amazon, Banana Republic, Macy’s, Best Buy, and others that have price matching and adjustment policies. Currently only online purchases are eligible. How it works is that you sign up with the email address that you use for online shopping and they scan the receipts of your online purchases.

The email scanning sounds creepy, right? They never have access to, or know your passwords. Review their security measures to learn exactly what they do. Is it worth it? To the extent that you may get money back for doing nothing, yeah. Is there a catch? Signing up is free, but when they get a refund for you they will take a 25% cut. Still, not a bad deal for something you may not have otherwise known about.

Where Available: USA.

Payment Methods: PayPal or Venmo.

Sign-Up : Here and Here


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