Lose Weight Up to 666 Lbs

There are many ways to lose weight up to 666 lbs, one of which is by diligently exercising and maintaining a regular diet. Some steps you can take to get weight down quickly, as follows:

Eat High Protein
Start by eating a breakfast menu that is high in protein. Because, protein foods tend to reduce appetite, so the desire to eat calorie foods can be reduced. In addition, eating protein foods will make the body healthy. Look for foods that contain vegetable protein such as beans, soybeans, and wheat.

Don’t drink sweet
Sweet drinks contain lots of sugar with quite high calories, so they tend to increase body weight. It is recommended to avoid drinking sweet drinks, such as beer, coffee, soda, sweet ice tea, sweet yogurt, energy drinks, fruit juices and smoothies. This is done so that the body’s calories are not high and the body is thin.

Drink a lot of water
In order to lose weight quickly, consume water about 30 minutes before eating. If this method is applied for 3 months consistently, then the weight loss obtained will be higher up to 40%. This habit can also make you fuller easily, without having to eat too much.

Consumption of Fibrous Foods
Foods that contain fibrous foods can make you feel fuller. A study shows, eating fibrous foods can reduce fat in the area around the abdomen. You can get fibrous foods from whole grains, nuts, seeds, apples, oranges, and carrots.

Consume Tea and Coffee
Caffeinated drinks, such as coffee and tea, have a role in losing weight. Because, consumption of caffeinated drinks can increase the levels of epinephrine in the body. When epinephrine levels increase, the fat in the body will be easy to break, so the weight will drop. It just needs to be noted, the performance of the epinephrine hormone in losing weight cannot run optimally without a healthy diet and adequate exercise. In addition, make sure to consume coffee and tea without other additives, such as sugar or cream.

Avoid Processed Foods
Avoid consuming processed foods such as dried fruit, frozen foods, breakfast cereals, fast food, bread, cakes, biscuits, canned vegetables and processed meat. Consumption of fruits, vegetables, fish and fresh beans is recommended because it is healthier and more filling.

Eat Slowly
People who eat fast tend to be easy to gain weight. Therefore, eat slowly because then the performance of digestive hormones can work well and feel fuller.

Routine Weighs
Studies show that people who regularly weigh regularly tend to be more likely to lose weight and maintain it for a long time.

Fat Burning Consumption
If the above method is quite heavy, then you can consume fat-burning herbal medicines quickly. Even in less than a week the weight will drop.


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