Learning to Write for Children

Maybe most of the parents will look for ways to teach children to write early. This is so that later he can quickly understand all the educational material during the school to the maximum. In addition, your child will not feel inferior to other friends who are already good at writing. For this reason, on this occasion we will review how the right steps you can take to teach children to write.

How to teach children to write

When teaching children to write, there is one important thing that must be considered, namely teaching children to write according to their age. Never force anything to invite children to write because it can make your child lazy to write. Some steps can be taken to teach children to write pleasantly so that their enthusiasm in writing activities is as follows:

Practicing Thickening Lines

Currently there are a lot of books aimed at training children in writing. These books are usually in the form of pictures of letters with dots that must be connected by the baby to be in the form of letters. As a parent, you also have to give appreciation to your baby when they learn to write so that later they will be more enthusiastic in learning the stages of writing later.

At least that are some stages of writing that you can apply to your baby. At the basic stage above, the attention and motivation of parents in introducing and teaching children to write is the most important point that must be considered.

Train Children to Hold a Pencil
Teach children how to hold the pencil correctly. Always teach children to write using a pencil, not ballpoint. Because if there is an error when writing in pencil, it will be easier to delete. You can give an example to the child how to hold the right pencil.
If necessary, position between the index finger and thumb of the child so that they can hold the pencil correctly. Also determine the distance between the fingers holding the pencil and the tip of the pencil. You can provide this exercise so that later the baby is accustomed to holding the pencil properly and correctly and of course can produce neat writing.

Teaching Children to Write Letters One by One
The next way to teach children to write is to teach them how to write letters one by one first. In this step, of course you do not have to force the child to master the writing technique of all letters directly.
Let the child master one letter first. For example, you start from Letter A and number 1. After the child knows and masters the writing technique, then you can teach writing techniques for letters B and numbers 2. Do it gradually while introducing children to certain letters or numbers so they can identify the numbers and letters.

Exemplify Good Pressure When Writing
After your child has written a few letters properly and correctly, the next step is to give an example to your baby about giving good pressure when writing. This is because there are some children who are too hard to give pressure so that the paper seems translucent. Conversely there are also children who are too weak in giving pressure so that the writing looks not so clear.

Writing Practices on Many Media
If the review above gives writing practice to be used on paper media, then in this step you can tell the child to write on other media such as the blackboard. If necessary, buy your child a blackboard that can produce a lot of writing with different colors. This will make children more interested and enthusiasm for writing.

Practice Writing with Games
The way to teach children to write the next one is to insert games when teaching writing to your child. Suppose you say simple words your child must write. When your child’s answers are correct, praise them or give simple gifts such as food or toys. This can also motivate children to more easily master the writing.

Familiarize Children To Record Posts
Encourage your child that recording all the things that he thinks are important is a good thing to do. For example, you can make a child record all the activities that have been done that day on a paper. This method will certainly make children accustomed to writing so that produce writing that is neater and easier to read.

Create a Writing Competition with Friends of Children
Sometimes children will have more motivation to do things when interspersed with competitions, including writing competitions. You can do this technique by giving a task to your baby and their friends. Then promise that anyone who can complete the task correctly will get a prize. Even though in the end you also have to give gifts evenly to these children, this will trigger the baby to be able to write correctly.

Those are some ways to teach children to write what you can try to do. Actually whatever way or teaching you do, make sure to teach the child patiently and full of affection. That way, they will not feel pressured while learning to write. May be useful.


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