Benefits of Water for Health

Drinking water turns out to be able to maintain the health of the body including protecting the nerves and tissues of the body, preventing dehydration, maintaining freshness of the skin, and supporting muscles and joints. Drinking water is better than other types of drinks, such as soft drinks, because they contain high sugar and calories so you can gain weight. By getting used to drinking water, the body still has enough fluids, while overcoming thirst at any time. In addition, the benefits of drinking water are also enjoyed by a variety of bodily functions, including:

Prevent Dehydration
By getting used to consuming water, the body will reduce digestive function disorders and absorption of food, circulation, kidneys, and can maintain normal body temperature.

Making Healthy Muscles
Drinking water can energize the muscles and lubricate the joints to remain flexible. Fluid imbalances can trigger fatigue in the muscles. So that daily activities become more comfortable because the muscles don’t hurt.

Reducing Weight
Drinking water can reduce weight compared to drinks that contain high calories. By getting used to drinking water, your body weight will always be ideal and prevent obesity.

Maintaining Skin Freshness
If you want skin that is healthy and always looks fresh, multiply consuming water. Because by always consuming water will make the skin not look dry and wrinkled. So that the skin of the body and face will always stay young.

What is the Normal Size for Not Lacking Liquid?
The fluid requirements of each person vary. In adults, the recommended consumption of water is about eight glasses measuring 230 ml per day or a total of 2 liters. Apart from drinks, food can also provide fluid intake in the body, which is around 20%. Liquid from food is mainly obtained from fruits and vegetables, such as spinach and watermelon that contain 90% water.

To find out if the body lacks fluids, it is fairly easy. The initial sign that is generally felt when a person lacks fluids is feeling thirsty and urine is darker than usual. Other symptoms that may also be felt when the body is not properly hydrated are feeling dizzy, headache, mouth, lips, and eyes feel dry, urinating with a rare amount and intensity, lack of energy, and fatigue.

Try to get used to drinking water every meal or when eating snacks. Provide a glass or bottle containing drinking water on a table or bag that you carry during activities every day. Thus, you will remember to consume it.
You can add flavor to the water to make it taste better. One of them is by adding fruit slices as in infused water drinks. There are several provisions for drinking water that are suitable and safe for consumption, namely water that has no taste, smell or color, does not contain bacteria, and does not contain chemicals that exceed the permitted limits.

Don’t forget to also ensure that potable water is consumed and meets health standards, in order to avoid diseases caused by drinking contaminated water. Get the benefits of drinking water for health by consuming water regularly every day, and complete it with a healthy lifestyle.


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